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Insulation Manufacturer

Victor Insulators, Inc. was founded in 1893 by Fred M. Locke. Fred Locke was one of the great early contributors to the successful establishment and growth of the electric power industry in North America. In 1893 he developed and patented a process for manufacturing wet-process porcelain for use in insulators for power lines. His accomplishment was in no small way a key contribution to the eventual growth of the electric power industry. Before Fred’s accomplishments, insulators were at best unreliable for the demands of this growing industry. Although the company that Fred Locke established in Victor NY has changed names over the years, Victor Insulators, Inc. is the direct successor to the operation that he began over 100 years ago. For a “timeline” of the wet process insulator manufacturing industry in the USA, click here. Today, Victor is a privately held (employee-owned) company dedicated to the same ideals that have been successful since 1893. Our commitment to quality, service, and competitive pricing continues to make us the preferred supplier of insulators.

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