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The Service Team

Our service team is instrumental in our retail success. They provide value through hands-on store presence, training, product placement, and maintenance. Operating all over the Midwest, they ensure top-notch support and personalized solutions for our clients.

Our service team is the face of our company, building strong store relationships. They offer product training, create eye-catching displays, and maintain our reputation for excellence. We appreciate their dedication and expertise in driving our retail achievements.

Contact Information

Kevin Harter


Operating States: SD, IA, NE, MO, WY, KS

Chuck Connelly


Operating states: MN, WI, ND

Keith Bombrys


Operating states: MI, OH, WV, IN, OH

Jim Wozniak


Operating states: WI, IL, IA

Joe Graff


Operating states: IL, OH, MO, KY, IN

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